12 Years in Death of Adopted Special-Needs Son

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The death is a tragedy.  The light sentence is a farce (at the bottom of the sentencing guidelines, potentially 4 years with “good behavior”).

But what makes you want to punch someone is how many people involved in the adoption failed, because the child was the least important part of the entire transaction.

  • his military doctor suggesting that he go off his ptsd meds so that he can pass the drug test.  “Helping” someone with severe mental problems work the system to get a special-needs baby!
  • his wife supporting that, assisting with that, and then leaving him alone with the baby.
  • holt agency preventing his foster mother in korea from adopting him so they could place him internationally.
  • holt agency for weak screening, pathetic placement preparation, and zero followup – typical of adoption agencies.
  • someone with ties to holt agency for submitting recommendations of leniency for the murderer.
  • the judge ignoring the willful negligence involved.

There are times when you feel helpless to fix an ongoing injustice, that unfolds right in front of your eyes despite your reservoirs of anger, and this is one of them.


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