KAD reaction to light sentence given to Hyunsu’s murderer

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This was a facebook post that fully captured the feelings of kads after hyunsu’s murderer was given a light sentence.  There is explicit language below, but it is in line with the sentiment.  The writer is a kad and a Marine, and i have never seen him swear in his posts before this one.


7/19/2016 is a sad day to be a Korean Adoptee. Hyunsu was beaten to death by his “Deadly Dad!” And now the murdering fucker may be out in 4 years with good conduct. I despise this fucker. He reflects badly on Marines and those suffering with PTSD. He plead to a lesser count and hid behind his service and his PTSD diagnosis.

Both he and his wife are complicit in Hyunsu’s death. They did not meet conditions set forth for adoption from Korea – mental health problems. He was initially diagnosed with PTSD in 2003 after returning from a deployment to Kosovo. But a diagnosis of PTSD usually accompanies other issues such as depression, anxiety or anger. For this asshat he had anger issues that later were diagnosed as explosive anger disorder. His subject matter expert qualified him as someone that should not adopt. Since the fucker already plead guilty the Defense Attorney no longer had to care and stated plainly for the record that his defendant lied to the adoption agency. And that he purposely stopped taking his medication cold turkey so that the medications were not in his bloodstream for the physical exam by the adoption agency.

They knew they didn’t qualify to adopt a child from Korea. So they lied and maliciously covered up his history of mental issues. They made 2 trips to Korea because they were frustrated with how long the adoption process was taking. An adoption for a healthy infant or child can take up to 3 years. They knew that and they chose an Awaiting Child – basically a child with special needs. They knew Hyunsu had special needs and they specifically chose him to adopt.

Hyunsu was adopted in October 2013 and was dead in February 2014. After the autopsy they donated his organs and buried what they couldn’t sell in an grave with NO funeral and NO tombstone.

I believe that this inaction shows that complete lack of regard they had for Hyunsu. He was supposed to be their child; their son. How do you not have a funeral or leave his grave without a tombstone? Is that even human?

Hyunsu had no voice or advocate during today’s sentencing hearing for the murdering fucker – the “Deadly Dad!” It is a gross miscarriage of justice. I don’t care how great a Marine this fucker was, how great a community member, how great a worker or anything else. NOTHING CHANGES THE FACT THAT HE MURDERED A 3 YEAR OLD BOY. And now he will be out in 4 years with good behavior.

I am livid. I want to scream to the heavens for Hyunsu but little good that would do. So instead I vent here on Facebook to a faceless audience. I am so angry. Surely this is not the end for such a dear sweet child whose only sin was to be stolen away from Korea by adoption agencies who sell babies for PROFIT! And as a Korean Adoptee he really didn’t matter since he probably could not even speak enough English to say “You are killing me” or even understand what was happening to him. And afterall he wasn’t really part of the family. He was just some kid they had bought from Korea.

I believe that International Adoption is Human Trafficking. My views on International Adoption have changed. – David Han

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