“Adoption services” shouldn’t overlook adoptees!

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The sentiment in the title seems so obvious, yet this insightful reflection on intercountry adoption policy in Australia tells a familiar, sad story told around the world: millions spent and lots of focus on new adoptions, nothing spent on existing adoptees.

Overall by 2019, the Australian government will have spent $33.6m yet to date, not one cent has been spent on providing services for existing adult intercountry adoptees who’s numbers are far greater than the number of children who will possibly enter the country in the next 3 years

The author recounts how she was the only intercountry adoptee on the intercountry adoption panel – typical, though perhaps one representative could be measured as progress.  Birth mothers were completely left out initially, as is also typical.  So, not surprising after all that the government focus ignores the large, obvious constituency.

When will Intercountry Adoptee Services be provided by Federal Government?

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