“There are many other places I would rather go” than Korea

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One example of a kad who finally learned more about her past and came to know herself in the process.  She posted this in the korean american adoptee forum on facebook, where there is a lot of support around kad issues, in private with only other kad.  [Reprinted with permission from the author.]

As a self proclaimed recovering PERFECTIONIST I can tell you, I have read a million Self Help/Development Books. A seeker…. gaining much from different books through the years but not quite finding the answers to what I was looking for. Why did an emptiness remain? I have discovered that a deep sense of shame for being Korean and given up for adoption, was at the root of my emptiness (and my need to be perfect). Most of my life I had no interest in traveling to Korea. When asked I would say “there are many other places I would rather go.” I had a mile long list of reasons I could not go to Korea. It was reading courageous stories from KADS on this site, that inspired me to be vulnerable. For me, traveling to Korea has been the most courageous thing I have ever done and continues to be the source of my greatest healing. I wholeheartedly recommend this trip <3
Spiritual Journey to Korea with Full Scholarship.

– Amy Davis

I love that this story has a happy ending of course.  I truly appreciate the korean allies that realize their connection with us and provide help.  And I can’t help but wonder when i hear kads say they have no interest in Korea, as she did, whether it is just a lack of opportunity, fear of the unknown, letting sleeping dogs lie, or truly indifference. Best of all, I love that she was encouraged by meeting with other kads in the forum, getting the support she needed, and that let her take the next step.  All that, packed into this short paragraph.

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