Is Marissa Brandt the first adoptee to compete representing Korea?

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A couple other adoptees are hoping to represent Korea in the 2020 summer Olympics, but are there any before Marissa Brandt?  She is already competing on the national team and is expected to be in the Olympics.

Brandt, 24, was adopted by a family in Minnesota when she was four months old… and now finds herself playing for South Korea less than one year from the PyeongChang Winter Olympics here.

She hopes to find her birth family – winning an olympic medal is a proven path, so it’s not a crazy idea.

There is a metaphorical journey of the korean adoptee movement represented here.  Toby Dawson representing the US team in 2006 traces our original path of integration into our adoptive country.  Marissa Brandt representing Korea in 2018 reflects the more recent trend of adoptees returning to reconnect with their origins.

And a side note, it could be sister v sister if Korea plays the US.

While Brandt was helping guide her team to a gold medal in Korea, sister Hannah was also doing the same as a member of the United States team.


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