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Believing in the magic

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Posted with permission from my friend Lydia Hollingsworth.  She posted this in a private forum where only Korean adoptees are allowed, and it simultaneously broke my heart and inspired me (before I realized it was from someone I knew). Occasionally I wonder whether I have outgrown the private adoptee forums, as recycled subjects come up, and then a post like this comes along, that moves my soul and pushes it off-balance, shakes up my brain […]

Single mothers accounted for up to 90% of Korean adoptions

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It is well-known that lack of support for single mothers was a major source of why many children in Korea were given up for adoption, but to this extent?  From Hosu Kim’s Birth Mothers and Transnational Adoption Practice in South Korea: Single mothers constitute the great majority of all birth mothers involved in transnational adoption from South Korea. More than 120,000 children, or two out of three adoptees, were, or are, children of single mothers. […]