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Some KAD reunion films to keep on the radar

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Just some historical KAD films to keep on the radar, with some relevant links for each. Toby Dawson – Lost and Found (2011).  Documents Toby’s reunion with birth father, facilitated by his olympic medal media exposure. Nathan Adolfson – Passing Through (1998).  Must be one of the first professional films about reunion, Nathan eventually found his 3 siblings.  There is an interesting ending to the story that i am wondering how and […]

A letter from a father

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This is a beautiful letter from a birth father.  I think more than dreaming that one’s birth parents might be wealthy nobility, perhaps adoptees dream most about getting a letter like this – that simply states that while we were given up for adoption, we were not forgotten, and gives reassurance that we still occupy a space, hopefully a big one, in our parents’ hearts. Though i hold no hope to ever know any birth […]

Capturing kad history, one Kaomi Goetz work at a time

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Reunions are considered a dream come true, but in reality they can come with lots of complications.  Here’s one story. From Kaomi Goetz, who is doing amazing work while on her Fulbright in Korea.  Here’s her personal site of her reporting articles.  But that’s not her current blog, this is.  And none of that is her big current project, this is.  As part of the audio project, you can hear more from Meghan Arnesen, […]