Month: October 2017

“Adoption is my nationality”

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One of my favorite personal reflections on adoption ever.  It carries a sentiment that I tried to capture in the term “kad nation”, and yes there is also an “adoptee nation”. Many times these days, I feel I belong to this nation more than even the US or Korea.  It is a nation that transcends borders. It is a global territory, moving and forming when its inhabitants coalesce.  To stand in its presence is to feel alive […]

Korean statistics estimate over 14,000 adoptees in US without citizenship

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As reported in Korea Times: Of 111,148 ethnic Koreans legally adopted into American families, 14,189, or 12.8 percent, have failed to obtain American citizenship and are left vulnerable to deportation, said Rep. Shim Jae-kwon of the Democratic Party of Korea (DPK). As someone else recently said, adoption without citizenship is human trafficking.  Leaving adoptees hanging in the wind due to the failures of those who adopted, oversaw, and administered it is a crime against humanity. […]