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RIP, Phillip Clay

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It is always shocking when a KAD commits suicide, and we feel the loss keenly.  When that person had been deported because of shameful policies that continue to exist in the US – as befell Phillip – it feels like a knife in our back.  All that might be beautiful about adoption is rendered ugly in that light, and the words family, country, and belonging reduced to empty marketing slogans. Even in death, our identity is […]

KAD reaction to light sentence given to Hyunsu’s murderer

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This was a facebook post that fully captured the feelings of kads after hyunsu’s murderer was given a light sentence.  There is explicit language below, but it is in line with the sentiment.  The writer is a kad and a Marine, and i have never seen him swear in his posts before this one. === 7/19/2016 is a sad day to be a Korean Adoptee. Hyunsu was beaten to death by his “Deadly Dad!” And […]

Death, re-homing, re-abandonment

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When adoptees say adoption is complicated and have trouble supporting it, the below are the top reasons why.  This kind of thing can’t be eliminated, and even the solutions cause more problems.  Sadly, the adoption agencies are about as trustworthy for self-policing as wall street banks. Maryland Father kills adopted Korean son.  “[The father] said he hadn’t bonded much with his new son.” Adopted kids go missing after being given away by adoptive parents.  […]